Why X39? Why Now?

Whe I said yes 8 months ago.. I did not know it would end up being my saving grace..



By age 35, you have lost over half of your Stem Cell activity
​and by age 60, you will lose almost all of your Stem Cell activity. Using X39 as a All Natural Stem Cell Therapy can change this. 


Stem Cells are the repair cells of your body.
The LESS Stem Cell activity you have -
the Faster you Age and the Slower You Heal.


A recent major scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology will
​Activate Your Own Stem Cells  and reset them to a younger, healthier state
​(WITHOUT expensive injections, drugs, surgery, or supplements) and you can...
​Resist Aging and Live a Longer, Healthier, More Youthful Life! 


It costs less than a cup of coffee a day!


People are experiencing ◦ rapid pain relief ◦ better sleep ◦ improved energy and vitality ◦ improved skin appearance ◦ improved hair quality ◦ reduced inflammation ◦ rapid wound healing ◦ improved mental clarity ◦ enhanced sports performance ◦ faster recovery from exercise ◦ and relief from other health issues.

Natural No Injections Stem Cell Therapy

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​3-Minute X39® Video Overview to see the how Stem Cell therapy works to improve your health naturally.


A simple story of how X39® Stem Cell Activation  Advanced Technology Patches work.

'The Sun Story'  When you are in the sun, the light from the sun signals the body to up Vitamin D production in your body. We all know that. Right? The X39® patch does not need the sun. We are 98.6 degrees on a cold day. We emit light and heat.
The light we emit is reflected off the X39® patch back into the body after (the organic crystals in the X39® patch changes the wavelength of the light in a process called photobiomodulation). The new 'wavelength of light' then signals the body to up the production of a copper peptide that has been proven to increase Stem Cell Activity and to reset your Stem Cells to a Younger, Healthier state.
This is new Stem Cell Activity that we have been losing as we age (OVER 50% loss by age 35 and OVER 90% loss by age 60) and additional loss is occurring due to exposure to all the electronics in our lives.

As the newly active, younger, and healthier Stem Cells, the repair cells of the body, go to work you receive all the full-body health benefits of the X39® patch!
It is that simple and that complex!

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Watch this X39® Stem Cell Activation Technology Overview



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